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AHU Cleaning

Maintaining and cleaning air handling units is extremely vital in order ensure that the building that you are in has a ventilation system that runs both effectively and efficiently, having a clean AHU alongside clean ductwork removes airborne pollutants.

AHU Cleaning

Euro Filter Installations specialise in all aspects of AHU Cleaning and also AHU repairs and installation.

If you allow debris and dust to regularly accumulate on such system components as coils, filters and control dampers it can lead to increased energy costs and a restriction in the air-flow.  Also if you don’t keep on top of your air handling unit cleaning it can also lead to the corrosion of internal system components such as filters, fans and also frames, which in turn can also deposit contamination throughout the whole system.

Another factor that has got to be taken into consideration is that if the air handling unit cleaning isn’t carried out on a regular basis it can also lead to condensate drains being blocked and this leads to excessive moisture levels building up and this in turn can lead to the buildup of mould in the system.

Here at Euro filter installation we will thoroughly deal with all aspects of air handling unit cleaning, ensuring that all the internal surfaces and components are cleaned effectively in order to improve the effectiveness of the operational efficiency.

Euro Filter always recommends that our clients or potential client’s regularly focus on air handling unit cleaning, as it increases the efficiency of your air handling unit, which in turn prolongs the life of the system.  This is one cleaning service that pays for itself due to the savings that you make on monthly heating/cooling energy consumption.

One thing that supports the fact that it is essential to keep on top of your air handling unit cleaning is the release of a statement by the Environmental Protection Agency.  They claim that a buildup of four one-hundredths of an inch of debris and dirt on a heating or cooling system can result in up to a 21% decrease in efficiency.

So that information alone shows you how important it is to keep on top of your air handling unit cleaning and Euro Filter Installations can help you with this today.