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Cartridge filters reduce the amount of sediments transported by the fluid through filtration. Cartridge filters are preferable for systems with contaminations less than 100, meaning with contamination levels less than 0.01% by weight and they can be realized as surface or depth type filters. They can also be designed to be disposable; this means that they have to be replaced when the filter is clogged. There are many different types of cartridge filters, spun bonded cartridge filters are manufactured by firing a controlled density of polypropylene onto a centre core. String wound cartridge filters are the original filter, and they are still very widely used in the industry. Pleated cartridge filters are manufactured under controlled clean room conditions and can be used in places such as swimming pools etc. Carbon cartridge filters is a major cartridge filter used, carbon is one of the workhorse materials in the separations field. It is used for chlorine and organics removal from municipal water supplies and for organics, colour and other purifications in the plating and printed circuit industries. Stainless steel cartridge filters are used only where high temperature and material compatibilities restrict polymer and fabric uses. They have use as cleanable reusable elements. Variflow filters are used to remove atmospheric dust suitable for all HVAC applications ranging from industrial, commercial and gas turbines. These filters have low initial resistance, high dust holding capacity, and a choice of efficiency ranges. There are many different types of Variflow filters to suit many different needs; they are made by using water resistant micro glass paper media for reliable air filtration. Variflow filters are made using water-resistant micro glass paper media for reliable air filtration. Cartridge filters are available in a variety of different sizes and package quantities to suit any of your filtration needs. Take a look at our Euro filters website for more filtration products.

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