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HEPA Filters and Dust Filters are great for Removing Unwanted Dust Particles

At Euro Filters we offer a full range of HEPA filters suitable for air filtration in a wide range of applications including things like cleaner rooms, research and medical laboratories, pharmaceutical establishments, electro technology and micro technology sites. Our HEPA filters offer us with a unique capability and product range designed for...
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What do Dust Filters do and what is their purpose?

Dust Filters These filters are designed to specifically remove any dry dust, powder or dust particles in a number of industrial appliances that are used by many industries. Euro-Filter Installations has a range of Dust Filters to suit your requirements and conditions. We understand the importance of removing dust within a working...
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Euro-Filter Installations Specialise in Dust Filters

Here at Euro filters we specialise in all different types of filter installations and offer the highest quality for very competitive prices. Dust filters are specifically designed to remove dust, powder and smoke in varying industrial applications. They all feature jet pulse cleaned cartridges for lower cost of ownership, Euro filters range of dust...
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