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HEPA Filters and Dust Filters are great for Removing Unwanted Dust Particles

At Euro Filters we offer a full range of HEPA filters suitable for air filtration in a wide range of applications including things like cleaner rooms, research and medical laboratories, pharmaceutical establishments, electro technology and micro technology sites.
Our HEPA filters offer us with a unique capability and product range designed for clean environments. They can be made in panel, deep pleat, compact and cylindrical designs. HEPA filters, similar to dust filters trap all the very small dust particles, so they are ideal for homes because these can get rid of allergies that may be suffered and get rid of a lot of dust in the house.
Because many people suffer with different kinds of allergies many of the new and improved high tech vacuums are fitted with increased filtering. So when you have bought a new vacuum that has a certified HEPA filter on it, you’re on your way to making your home a healthier environment for all the family, helping different allergies such as asthma or sensitivities to dust and particles. Depending on the needs, filters are supplied in either cylindrical or flat panel format and special seals are provided to ensure air tight installation.
Efficiencies of almost 100% can be specified with all filters being individually tested and certified to the sodium flame test method.
Flat panel high efficiency filters can be manufactured as replacements to match existing filters or to meet new design requirements.
Cylindrical filters offer an alternative to panel filters where this format is more appropriate to the application, for example where a limited face area is available.
There are many different types of filter installations to choose from here at Euro filters. So visit our website for more information on all of the filter applications that we have to offer, at extremely competitive prices.
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