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Keeping Grease Filters clean is a vital part of any system

In every kitchen there are grease filters and a system in operation, it is really important that you regularly clean the grease of the filter. The build-up of grease can be dangerous and a hazard as it is highly flammable and can set alight which will cause a fire and severe damage. Routine checks and inspections to your grease filters are important as it allows you to replace any dirty filtering materials if necessary, this will save you money and keep costs down. If you fail to change your grease filters you could face a build-up of grease within the interior of your exhaust hoods as well as on the surfaces of your walls, work tables and floors. This will lead to a dirty environment which is dangerous and full of hazards, for instance you may slip or another mishap may occur. The main cause of fires within kitchens is the result of poor filtering which can cause hundreds of pounds of damage. The best way to prevent this from happening is to monitor your units and regularly clean and remove unwanted grease on your grease filters. Euro Filter Installations also offer cartridge filters and bag filters these filters are perfect for different things and our wide collection of different filters make it easy for you to choose the perfect one. A kitchen duct cleaning and inspection service that will monitor the filters within your kitchen is also available. If you are worried that you may have a build-up of grease on your units then contact Euro Filter today! We can speak to you about the concerns you have and get them properly checked out for you by sending out our maintenance team. We supply an array of different filters that are suitable for industrial kitchens like Variflow Filters. The Variflow filters are ideal to remove any atmospheric dust and are suitable for industrial, commercial and gas turbines. At Euro Filter Installations we pride ourselves on the outstanding, professional and efficient service we have to offer.

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