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Kitchen Extractor Cleaning

Everybody knows how much of a mess kitchens can get in, here at Euro filters we have services to reduce this mess and reduce health and risk hazards within a kitchen, including Kitchen Extractor Cleaning.


Cooking in commercial kitchens will overtime generate grease deposits to the internal surfaces of the ventilation services. If these are not removed then this will reduce airflow which means it can greatly increase the risk of fire.

All commercial kitchen extraction systems and ducting grease management must follow a minimum annual programmed planned maintenance clean and service is an essential part of all of this.

Under normal conditions grease and other flammable material built up in things like the cooker good and your extraction duct system. This is the most common cause of fire in commercial kitchens.

Routine inspection and regular maintenance will ensure you comply with insurance conditions, avoid costly business interruption, improved hygiene and the risk of prosecution as a result of poor maintenance and non-compliance with fire safety regulations.

Everybody working in kitchens will know that their own daily cleaning will not eliminate all build up of dirt, grime and bacteria and should rely on professional cleaning companies to completely deep clean their kitchen and catering facilities to combat these problems and maintain a healthy kitchen environment. And then use our kitchen grease filters to eliminate bad substances such as bacteria, they are available in steel or aluminium mesh or Louvre, and as established experienced filter suppliers, we also offer a complete supply fit and waste removal package.