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The Importance of Cartridge and Carbon Filters in the Workplace

Euro Filter Installations deal in all aspects of filter installations and installing air filtration systems. The vast majority of our work is focused around installing filters in the workplace, business centre’s, office blocks and factories, providing the installation service and full technical support. It is our job to ensure that members of staff in these buildings are working in a safe and clean environment, whilst also supporting the development and maintenance of quality environmental care in the work place. We specialise in installing a variety of filter systems for a number of different purposes, two types of filters that we do deal with on a regular basis is the installation and maintenance of both carbon filters and cartridge filters. In regards to carbon filters we can produce the carbon filters in a number of different manners in order to suit the exact purpose and environment. When we are looking at designing the exact carbon filter for your work place it is important to establish the different contaminant that needs to be removed, in addition to analyzing the environment that the filter will be used in. Once we have determined the exact carbon filter that we need, it is then just a case of determining the format. When it comes to dealing with dust filtration, our specialists are is in the manufacture and installation of a range of pleat cartridges and cartridge filters and these can be used to remove dust from various applications. Cartridge filters are a very effective form of filter to be used specifically in toxic dust areas, because it is very important that high levels of efficiency are essential. The beauty of cartridge filters in the work place is that they contain a large amount of media, and that means that they are a very compact size in terms of the airflow that they can accommodate. Euro Filter Installations can assist you with any aspect of the manufacture or installation of many types of filters, with cartridge filters and carbon filters for the work place, obviously among that.

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