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Vari Flo Filters, For Swimming Pools

Vari flo filters
Here at Euro-Filter we have a lot of experience within the filter industry, and we use this experience to bring you the best filter products available on the market. We have many different products to offer such as vari flo filters, bag filters and rigid bag filters all at very competitive prices. We provide full technical support and supply a specialist service, ensuring the development and maintenance of quality environmental care.
Our goal is to provide air filtration to every work space and provide better air quality for everyone possible, and our Bag Filters and Rigid Bag Filters lead the market thanks to their innovative design and build quality.
A big part of the way we work is building a working relationship with our customers so we can get a true understanding of their filter needs and give them exactly what they need.
What are Bag Filters?
Bag Filters
Bag filters are designed for a variety of different uses, a main use being to capture unwanted dust and dirt.
Euro-Filter Installations manufacture bag filters in all sizes using glass and polymer fibres of different thickness and layer numbers to suit every customer’s needs.
The bag filters that we manufacture here at Euro-Filter Installations are available in grade G4 through to F8, and all bags above F5 are of non-synthetic construction.
Rigid Bag Filters
Rigid bag filters are similar to standard bag filters expect they can capture unwanted smells and improve air quality.
The most common place rigid bag filters will be used is within office buildings, school, and other public buildings including airports, and thanks to their low costs and long lasting life these filters are perfect.
All of our rigid bag filters have been made with gas turbine and HVAC applications in mind but we can provide rigid bag filters for any situation so please contact us to see how we can help you.
If you would like to more know about Euro-Filter Installations please have a look around our website, or you can call us on 07837 289 517.
vari flo filters

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