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What do Dust Filters do and what is their purpose?

Dust Filters

These filters are designed to specifically remove any dry dust, powder or dust particles in a number of industrial appliances that are used by many industries. Euro-Filter Installations has a range of Dust Filters to suit your requirements and conditions. We understand the importance of removing dust within a working environment because dust can be harmful not just to your health but to the appliances you use as they can get clogged up which can cause unnecessary damage.  The purpose of Dust Filters is to eliminate and remove unwanted particles from the air in many dust collection units. Our aim is to reduce air pollution and with the control of the filter this is possible, this is why we make all the Dust Filters to such a high standard. We have a qualified maintenance team that offer an installation service and fit all of the filters for you accurately.

Bag Filters & Rigid Bag Filters

Our focus is filtration and we specialise in a majority of different filters; Bag filters are a secondary filtration unit within HVAC systems. Their aim is to capture unwanted dust and dirt; they have been proven to reduce energy usage if changed at appropriate times. Using rigid bag filters will help to improve the air inside a number of buildings such as offices, retail units and industrial premises. The combination of a good filter within certain areas and premises will help to improve the air in your surroundings and is important in any public, commercial or industrial place.

Euro-filter is the leading supplier of filters within the UK and provides an installation and fitting service nationwide. If you are interested in purchasing a high quality filter and want to get it installed by a qualified individual then contact us today. We can provide you with a quote with no obligation, including help you with any queries you may have, visit our website online and view the selection of products and services we have to offer.

Dust filters

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